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We the unappreciated must do the unimaginable and see the unthinkable to protect the ungrateful. You don't get paid enough for what you do. You never will. You know that. On a daily basis, you're put in lose-lose situations. You deal with bullshit from the rich and the poor. You get lied to. Every once in a while someone from your profession screws up big time or, let's be honest, does something to flat-out break the law he or she is sworn to protect, thereby causing the public to look at you with suspicion even though there's hundreds of thousands of people doing the job without incident. If the criminal gets away, the public gets angry at you. If a criminal is apprehended, the public gets mad at you. And the worst part is seeing all the stuff that you have and knowing they will never witness what you've witnessed. That isn't a complaint. It's the truth. But you know what? You keep showing up to do your job. The difference between you and a simple complainer is that you keep showing up to protect the prey and go after the predators. You do this knowing that someone could try to harm you. You do this knowing that a small minority of others in your profession--just like in any profession--will make it harder for you in the future. You do it knowing that you'll witness terrible things that will test you mentally. You keep showing up. You strap up, get in your ride and hit the streets. You're there because they need you, whether they realize it or not. Keep being the better person.


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